What Do Mormons Believe?

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the LDS Church. Sometimes the church is referred to by its nickname, the "Mormon" church because we believe in the Book of Mormon. We also believe Jesus Christ to be our savior, and that he will one day come again. We believe in the Bible as the true word of God, whom we often refer to as our Heavenly Father. We believe that we are literal sons and daughters of God and that our mission in this life is to live righteously to return to our Father again after our earthly death. We believe that through the prophet Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon was translated and made available to us as another true testament of Jesus Christ, and that it contains further teachings of God and Christ that are both parallel and in addition to those in the Bible. I have been an official member since I was baptized into the church at age eight. Some of my family is LDS, and some are members of other religions. As a child I had the opportunity to choose for myself which religion I wished to be a part of, or if I wished to be part of any religion at all. My family was always very supportive of my decisions all throughout my life, and I feel  this has made me both stronger and wiser in my pursuits toward life's truths. 

Being LDS is an absolute joy. The saints are a friendly, helpful group of people who are ultimately centered around the family. No, we aren't polygamists like the media might tell you, LOL. But we do believe that just one woman and man can be married and sealed forever with their families for eternity, and not just until death. We also allow the spirits of those who have passed away to be baptized if they had no opportunity during their mortal life. We do these things through our work in sacred LDS temples. I absolutely love going to the temple. :) It's my favorite place in the entire world. <3

Our church also believes that prophets and revelations did not end with the parables of the Bible. Our church has always had a current prophet. It began with Joseph Smith in 1830 when the church was founded and followed all the way up to our current prophet, Thomas S. Monson. 

I include things about my religion in my blog from time to time not because I want anyone to convert or "be just like me." I only hope to uplift others by sharing the things that uplift me. If someone disagrees, that's okay. I believe agency in life will do its part, and we all must build our own opinions. But I will say, I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one true church on the earth today, and I have had immense blessings in my life that I would never have received without it. 

I urge you all to believe in something. Believe it, then live it, and you will have what you seek. :)

If you would like more information on my church, you can visit their official website:

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Or you can always message me on this blog. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. :) 

Love you all!


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  1. Hi LadyLuna, I am also LDS and Vegan, I am serving with my husband in Kiribati as a mission nurse and we are both in the mission office. Love your website, I was wondering what the LDS views on Chakras were, I have a friend who is into them. Take Care.