Vegan Topics

My Articles on Veganism, the Plant-Based Lifestyle, and More.

Veganism in Christianity/World Religions:

Veganism in Mormonism:

Why Do the Scriptures Condone Killing Animals?

An LDS Vegan's Response to "The Do’s in the Word of Wisdom" from the Ensign

Rebuttal to " What Would Jesus Eat?" from Answers in Genesis

The Vegan "Protein Question:"

My Thoughts on the "Eat Clean" Movement:

The Right Way to Weigh Yourself:

Heal Cavities the Vegan Way:

Why NOT to Try the Paleo Diet:

REBUTTAL to Steven Crowder's "Vegan MYTHS Debunked"
REBUTTAL to JP Sears' "If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans"

Rebuttal to Vox's Video, "Want to save animal lives without going veg? Eat beef, not chicken."

Rebuttal to the “Jordan Peterson on Veganism” Video

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