My Story

Welcome to my official blog! I aim to encourage two things here: a healthy body, and a healthy mind. Regarding the body, I often write about my weight loss journey, my plant-based eating lifestyle, and natural remedies. Regarding the mind, I post about spirituality, positivity, and my own personal beliefs and experiences. My aim is to help people awaken as I have to the true beauty of the world we live in and the endless possibilities we have as human beings. Every article I post, I post with loving intent. I never intend to offend or cause controversy with my words, but instead to inform and uplift. I also post new videos from my YouTube web show, "Luna's Lunaversity."
My weight loss of 25 pounds and counting.
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  1. Hi Luna,
    Very lovely to meet you.♡♥♡ I found you blog when searching healing teeth with a vegan diet, and have been zooming around. I am loving all of your blogs from teeth to chakras to learning about your Temple. Although, I am not a Mormon,but was raised Lutheran. Currently I am not any particular religion, but consider myself very spiritual,and I love Jesus!♡♥♡ Just wanted to drop by and let you know how much I am enjoying you and your blog~♡♥♡~
    Blessings, Tami

  2. Hi Luna,
    I loved your Chakra Blog. I have been meditating and it feels so right and pure. Today I thought I should look into if and how it ties into our faith. I just knew it had to because it just is so pure away to commune with the spirit. Thank you for taking the time to break it down. I am very very grateful that you did.

    Warm regards, Hans