Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hey guys! So I didn't put up a video this Friday as you may have noticed. If you follow my Twitter ( you'll know that I recently filmed a Q&A video with my favorite YouTuber, Bree Essrig! :D Im here in LA visiting her and having a blast! I've gotten to meet some amazing people and learn so much more about YouTube. I love it!!
I apologize if any of you thought I would be at Vidcon. Bree and I kind of just had our own little "vidcon party," meaning we skyped with another of my favorite youtubers, JohnnyBerchTold and his awesome sister Kristine. It was so fun! Her dog Kirby even barked at John's cat Vinny on the screen. LOL.

I LOVE visiting LA. But when I come here I'm always reminded of how different it is from home. In Washington state everyone looks at things so differently. Everyone at home is a big cheapskate (myself included), and we love being close to nature. LA is great in other ways. I LOVE how easy it is to follow a vegan lifestyle here. I ate at Hugos for the first time yesterday and OH MY HEAVENS. Whether you're vegan or not, get their vegan mac and cheese. BEST THING EVER.

We also ate dinner at a place called The Crave. They had the most AMAZING Paninis. I had a veggie panini with no cheese and avocado added.

All in all, it's been great so far. I still have one more day left! SO EXCITED!! :D