Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey Lunatics! :D So I have a LOT to say in this post. Sorry if I keep harping on the same subject, but I truly feel this must be said. Yesterday I made a post on here about how I was upset by the fact that there were some people on YouTube who were rudely commenting on the "Draw My Life" videos of well-known youtubers, saying that they didn't want to hear "sob stories." What I had to say was just venting about the opinions of people I've never met. Around the same time, however, Bree Essrig and Steve Greene posted videos of Draw My Life PARODIES. Unfortunately, I think some of you were led to believe that I was trying to lash out at them through yesterday's post and I assure you I was NOT. I would never do that to someone I know, especially in a silly blog post, LOL. What Bree and Steve did was simply a joke, and I was not offended.
However, this brings me to my subject of today's post. Bree has been getting a lot of flack lately from her "Breelievers"due to her DML parody video. People are saying horrible things to her in the comments and complaining that she's "changed" and how her videos aren't good enough for them to watch anymore. I've seen this before on the comment boxes of other controversial videos of top youtubers.
Bree posted this video today in response to the hate comments on her DML video:

Shortly after it was posted, one of my Lunatics wrote to me and asked my opinion on Bree's situation and if I supported her new videos. Here is what I wrote back:

"Of course! :) I fully support Bree in her videos, both old and new. Every youtuber grows creatively and changes up their material a bit as time goes on. I totally have respect for the fact that she is always herself in her videos and expresses things honestly, but still in her own sweet nature. Whatever direction her videos may go, I trust that their awesomeness will never change. :)"

This post is in no way an attempt to get Bree or other YouTubers' attention. I know I already talk about Bree quite a bit, but it's because she is such a kind person who never tries to hurt or offend anyone. She spreads humor, tolerance, acceptance, self confidence, and love in her videos and that in itself is worth watching any day in my book. YouTubers are ragged on so much for "changing" when in reality, EVERYONE must change in some way, even daily. I know not to make the same mistakes I made yesterday, so I change. I know that I have to make little changes to be happier, so I change. In doing so, I GROW. Youtubers are human beings like the rest of us, (DUH). We can only expect them to grow like the rest of us. In my eyes, that is beautiful. 

As I always say, no matter who it is; a youtuber, a pop star, or a person on the street. Show compassion for those around you and put yourself in their shoes. Doing so will allow others to do the same for you during your down times. 

Love you, Lunatics! And Bree, hang in there, girl. In the end, doing what makes you happy is worth it, no matter what others think or say. <3

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