Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm sad to see that some people are hating on the "Draw My Life" videos people have been posting. I LOVE the videos, even made one myself. They are so inspirational to me. Hearing someone's life story, both the good and the bad makes you see them in a different light and relate to them so much more. These videos aren't made to gain sympathy or "feel bad" for the person. It's to bring us all together and see the big picture in life, the beauty of it. 

More than one YouTuber has expressed that the videos were just a ploy to "get more views" or make the viewers like them more by making them feel bad for them. I admit, the few hate comments I've seen of the Draw My Life videos were sometimes humorous, but they also hit below the belt, at least for me. When I made my video I had my audience in mind, but for a different reason. I didn't do it for extra views, but instead to connect and bond more with my beloved Lunatics. I care about my subscribers so much because they've seen me at these difficult times in my life and still supported me, even when they didn't know the truly hard things I was going through. I can't just pretend that these hard things weren't part of what shaped me. They made me stronger and more confident in myself and the end justified the means. I showed that in my video. Also, I made sure to let my Lunatics know just how much their support meant to me through everything. Needless to say, most of my video was positive! I had a great childhood, I experienced the awesomeness of independence in college, and I realized my worth/potential in life. That made any and all conflict worth it!! :)

Many complained that the DML vids were just "too sad;" full of "depressing crap no one wants to hear." If that were true, I don't think they'd be such a big hit on YouTube. In my opinion, pouring your heart out when telling your life story is WORLDS different than petty whining during a conversation. Everyone has problems in their life; why try to cover that up? If someone tells me their problems AND how they overcame them and became stronger, I am UPLIFTED. If you're not, I think that kind of makes you uptight and too concerned with your own issues at the moment. Sorry to be so frank, but I truly believe it. 

As I posted on my twitter earlier today, think of your favorite book, movie, or story without ANY problems for the character to solve. In my opinion that would be a pretty pointless, boring story. Just like our lives!! There's a reason why we're all here and experiencing life in different ways. Until we learn to be enlightened and uplifted by one another, we will have little success or respect for ourselves. Love is so much more powerful than doubt, hate, resentment, or mockery. So spread the love, people!! LOL

I love you Lunatics, and I TRULY hope no one was offended by this post as it was NOT aimed at anyone in particular. Those who were the worst opposers of the DML videos are people I don't even know. 

I love you all and your amazing stories. We all have one so never be ashamed of yours. :)


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