Friday, April 26, 2013

Ch-ch-ch-CHANGES... :)

Hey Lunatics!! So I thought, since there's no Friday video today, I would do a little personal blog post for ya'll instead. For those of you who follow my twitter, you may have seen me post this tweet earlier today:

 "Sorry no vid today, guys. Going through some hard things right now & need a little break. Next week! But I'm in a great mood today. Luv u!"

First of all, I just want to let you guys know that I'm FINE. Some of you have expressed concern because I'm not usually one to tweet negative things. But really, it's just some personal things going on. Some of it is with family, some of it is just with me. However, I promise that no one died, I am perfectly well mentally and physically, so there's no need to worry. :)

On the bright side, I've still been in a totally awesome mood today! The weather's been great where I live and it feels like summer's on the way! 

In other news, I got five inches cut off of my hair today and I LOVE the result! (As seen above). My hair's been able to touch my butt for some time now and I felt I needed to get a less warm hairstyle for summer. Hope you guys like it. It turned out great! :D 

And finally, the last change I thought I'd run by you guys is that, at last, I have decided to go vegan. Yup, no more meat, eggs, and dairy for me. I already was vegetarian, for those of you who didn't know. Plus I have been lactose intolerant for forever, so not much of a challenge there. I just figured it was time and I'm really happy that I am able to do it. :)

Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I will have another video for you next week! Love you all! <3

Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey Lunatics! :D So I have a LOT to say in this post. Sorry if I keep harping on the same subject, but I truly feel this must be said. Yesterday I made a post on here about how I was upset by the fact that there were some people on YouTube who were rudely commenting on the "Draw My Life" videos of well-known youtubers, saying that they didn't want to hear "sob stories." What I had to say was just venting about the opinions of people I've never met. Around the same time, however, Bree Essrig and Steve Greene posted videos of Draw My Life PARODIES. Unfortunately, I think some of you were led to believe that I was trying to lash out at them through yesterday's post and I assure you I was NOT. I would never do that to someone I know, especially in a silly blog post, LOL. What Bree and Steve did was simply a joke, and I was not offended.
However, this brings me to my subject of today's post. Bree has been getting a lot of flack lately from her "Breelievers"due to her DML parody video. People are saying horrible things to her in the comments and complaining that she's "changed" and how her videos aren't good enough for them to watch anymore. I've seen this before on the comment boxes of other controversial videos of top youtubers.
Bree posted this video today in response to the hate comments on her DML video:

Shortly after it was posted, one of my Lunatics wrote to me and asked my opinion on Bree's situation and if I supported her new videos. Here is what I wrote back:

"Of course! :) I fully support Bree in her videos, both old and new. Every youtuber grows creatively and changes up their material a bit as time goes on. I totally have respect for the fact that she is always herself in her videos and expresses things honestly, but still in her own sweet nature. Whatever direction her videos may go, I trust that their awesomeness will never change. :)"

This post is in no way an attempt to get Bree or other YouTubers' attention. I know I already talk about Bree quite a bit, but it's because she is such a kind person who never tries to hurt or offend anyone. She spreads humor, tolerance, acceptance, self confidence, and love in her videos and that in itself is worth watching any day in my book. YouTubers are ragged on so much for "changing" when in reality, EVERYONE must change in some way, even daily. I know not to make the same mistakes I made yesterday, so I change. I know that I have to make little changes to be happier, so I change. In doing so, I GROW. Youtubers are human beings like the rest of us, (DUH). We can only expect them to grow like the rest of us. In my eyes, that is beautiful. 

As I always say, no matter who it is; a youtuber, a pop star, or a person on the street. Show compassion for those around you and put yourself in their shoes. Doing so will allow others to do the same for you during your down times. 

Love you, Lunatics! And Bree, hang in there, girl. In the end, doing what makes you happy is worth it, no matter what others think or say. <3

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm sad to see that some people are hating on the "Draw My Life" videos people have been posting. I LOVE the videos, even made one myself. They are so inspirational to me. Hearing someone's life story, both the good and the bad makes you see them in a different light and relate to them so much more. These videos aren't made to gain sympathy or "feel bad" for the person. It's to bring us all together and see the big picture in life, the beauty of it. 

More than one YouTuber has expressed that the videos were just a ploy to "get more views" or make the viewers like them more by making them feel bad for them. I admit, the few hate comments I've seen of the Draw My Life videos were sometimes humorous, but they also hit below the belt, at least for me. When I made my video I had my audience in mind, but for a different reason. I didn't do it for extra views, but instead to connect and bond more with my beloved Lunatics. I care about my subscribers so much because they've seen me at these difficult times in my life and still supported me, even when they didn't know the truly hard things I was going through. I can't just pretend that these hard things weren't part of what shaped me. They made me stronger and more confident in myself and the end justified the means. I showed that in my video. Also, I made sure to let my Lunatics know just how much their support meant to me through everything. Needless to say, most of my video was positive! I had a great childhood, I experienced the awesomeness of independence in college, and I realized my worth/potential in life. That made any and all conflict worth it!! :)

Many complained that the DML vids were just "too sad;" full of "depressing crap no one wants to hear." If that were true, I don't think they'd be such a big hit on YouTube. In my opinion, pouring your heart out when telling your life story is WORLDS different than petty whining during a conversation. Everyone has problems in their life; why try to cover that up? If someone tells me their problems AND how they overcame them and became stronger, I am UPLIFTED. If you're not, I think that kind of makes you uptight and too concerned with your own issues at the moment. Sorry to be so frank, but I truly believe it. 

As I posted on my twitter earlier today, think of your favorite book, movie, or story without ANY problems for the character to solve. In my opinion that would be a pretty pointless, boring story. Just like our lives!! There's a reason why we're all here and experiencing life in different ways. Until we learn to be enlightened and uplifted by one another, we will have little success or respect for ourselves. Love is so much more powerful than doubt, hate, resentment, or mockery. So spread the love, people!! LOL

I love you Lunatics, and I TRULY hope no one was offended by this post as it was NOT aimed at anyone in particular. Those who were the worst opposers of the DML videos are people I don't even know. 

I love you all and your amazing stories. We all have one so never be ashamed of yours. :)