Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hey Lunatics!! Oh my goodness, I can't believe how long it's been since I made a blog post. Please excuse my absence, loves. I've had a lot on my plate! LOL But with all the crazy stuff happening right now, and all my future plans, I feel the need to document my life even MORE. So here are some things you should know:

First of all, yes, my dad is currently in the hospital. Sorry to start off with a sad point, but if I have seemed a little unproductive it's because he hasn't been feeling well. Just for chest and stomach pains, but the doctors say it's not anything truly serious and he should be home in about one or two more days. Yay, Dad!! :D Thank you for all your prayers and good vibes!! :)

Second, yes, I will be moving out soon! By soon, I mean in a few months. By that, I mean I will start seriously looking for a place around the beginning of July. I can't tell you guys how amazing everything will be once I am out on my own!! I mean living with my parents has its perks because I love them, but in a place all to myself, THINK OF ALL THE AWESOME (and potentially embarrassing) VIDEOS!! LOL. I'll definitely be vlogging a LOT once I find a place and give you guys a grand tour once I'm moved in! :)

Third, no, I am not getting a nose job (or any cosmetic surgery/ modifications) and never will. That was a joke I did at the beginning of my video two weeks ago so I could make a point, LOL. :P

Fourth, I have some exciting things planned for next month. I don't want to talk about it too much because I'm afraid I'll jinx it. But let me just say, it involves some very awesome YouTubers you probably know and love. :)

Fifth, I am making another entry video in a YouTube contest. This time it is for the "Hey I'm Vlogging Here" documentary!! I'm hoping to put up my entry video my next Friday. Wish me luck! :D Also, if you would like to donate to the cause of this amazing documentary, you can do so here:

Sixth, I just bought a Wreck This Journal book and plan on completing a few pages in an upcoming video that should be VERY entertaining, so watch for that, LOL. It was inspired by my YouTube friend, JohnnyBerchtold. Here's the video if you would like a taste of how awesome this journal is:

And lucky seventh, I AM ALMOST TO 1000 SUBSCRIBERS ON MY MAIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! :D YES, is about to hit the 1000 subscribers mark and GUESS WHAT?! When it does, I'm THROWING A PARTY!! This party is going to include my friends from real life, but also YOU GUYS!! My Lunatics!! I will be vlogging at the party, having them participate in some pages of my Wreck This Journal, and tweeting/instagramming all the highlights!! I'll also be giving something away to one or more of my amazing Lunatics and you might win!! :D 

So all in all, 2013 has started off with a BANG. Can't wait for all this amazing stuff!! GAH, okay, virtual group hug time... okay... yup... that was nice. Thanks guys!!! LOVE YOU!!!! :)

Love, Lady Luna <3


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