Sunday, February 17, 2013


I'm learning more and more how surfing YouTube late at night can get me into trouble if I stay with it long enough. As much as I love YouTube videos, once in a while you run across things that just offend the bajeepers out of you, and it makes you want to rant. That being said, please excuse my upcoming negativity, as this is not the way I usually like to speak about things.

First of all, as I've said in several of my Youtube videos before, judgement is the thing I hate most in this world. There's no call for it, it's stupid, and not only does it turn people against one another, but ultimately, the simple FEAR of BEING judged turns us against OURSELVES. Okay, now that that's on the table, here's what I saw in a video tonight that really "twinged my twanger" as I always say. :P

 I won't post a link to the video because it's really not even worth anyone's time, LOL. But it was a story about a guy who is very good looking (and knows it) and a girl who is a bit on the overweight side (NOT obese or insanely overweight, just plump). In the story, the "hot" guy gets set up on a blind date with this girl (who everyone calls "fat", even her!) and at first he doesn't want to date her, but after they talk, he realizes he's having a great time with her and he wants to date her more. That's all great, but the part that starts to raise my eyebrows is when he constantly starts questioning why he s falling in love with her later on. His "friends" make fun of him for dating this slightly chubby girl they call "huge" (and she is totally cute too, by the way! I don't get how guys in real life would not like her), and he soon considers breaking up with her because of his "hot guy" status that he misses. OH MY HOLY HANNAH MONTANA, this TICKS ME OFF!!! LOL

How many times do we have to see this crap? This is what we see on TV all the time. The young fat female characters are always shy, insecure, and can't get a date. The OLD fat females are always someone's mother or sweet old lady who no one cares about (and that in itself is sad too). The guys sometimes have it even worse in the movies because if they're fat, they end up as either the dopey sidekick, the undesirable villain, or the dude who gets killed.  I mean COME ON.

There are movies coming out now where fat people are the main focus of the movie because they are so stupidly "funny." To me, going to see a film because the fat people are so dumb is just as good as going to see a film that makes fun of little people and calls them midgets and dresses them all up like babies. It's SO not politically correct and downright offensive.

You may be thinking "well, Luna's just offended because SHE'S fat." I admit, that's true on many levels. I AM offended (although I don't exactly think of myself as "fat"). I have had to deal with being bigger than my peers for most of my life and all that time, it REALLY hurt. I was always the last one to finish running the mile in gym class. I was the only one in my class who couldn't do a pull-up during the fitness tests. People called me names and wouldn't let me play with them because I was either too slow or "not pretty enough." This all sounds like stereotypical circumstances, but that's just it. I LIVED IT. I still live it. I truly believe that due to the stereotypes of larger people in the media, everyone is afraid to treat bigger people like the normal folks they really are. Worse than that, it turns young women like me into those shy, insecure caricatures I described before. For a very long time I lived almost as a replica of Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray, or "Hefty Hanna" from Pretty Little Liars. And for the record, what is the deal with all these characters EATING constantly in these films/shows? It's as if they want us to believe fat people are okay with three bigmacs for lunch and a whole chocolate cake for dinner. I mean GET REAL. I eat three times a day with one small afternoon snack, plus I eat no meat, very little dairy, fat, or cholesterol, and I'm STILL not at the weight I "should" be. I have a job that keeps me at a desk all day, so finding time to exercise is a bit more difficult than it is for other people with more active jobs. But that aside, just because someone is "fat" doesn't mean they're constantly eating, or that they only eat doughnuts and hot dogs all day.

One thing people forget to consider is where a person may be on their "weight journey." I've known people who went from 300 lb to 200 lb and looked GREAT! But because they were still not pinkie-thin, people still called them fat upon first impressions. It's SICK! Do they know how difficult it is to lose 100 pounds?!

Don't get me wrong, being fat is not the only stereotypical mask we hide behind as a culture. Take people who have tons of acne. That is something that's definitely not seen on TV a lot, unless it's an undesirable nerd or some creepy side character in the story. How are people supposed to feel when they see that? I've known people my age who still suffer from terrible acne. Many even start to suffer in their dating lives simply because on TV you never see a really hot person dating a person with severe acne.

My point in this whole thing is, if you are overweight, you can still date a skinny person if you want to and vise versa. If you have acne, you can be desirable to someone with clear skin. If you are a super tall girl, you can still date a short guy. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS!! I'm tired of TV trying to make us think we should all be the same.

End of rant. LOL :P

All that junk aside, I love you guys! I am happy with myself exactly the way I am, and I hope you are too. If you're not there yet, you will be soon. :)

Love, Lady Luna

P.S.  I don't think it's necessary that I say this but  I've still had VERY attractive men ask me out, no matter what size pants I was wearing at the time. So the media can just chew on that. And choke on it. LOL!

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