Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Wazzup Luna-tics?! So it's nearly 2:00 a.m. and I have SOOO many ideas floating in my head for future YouTube stuff! I could really use some feedback, so if any of these ramblings sound like something you want to see me put on YouTube, let me know ASAP! LOL

Kay, so obviously I want to bring my second channel back to life. It kind of went into a coma, LOL. For those of you who don't know, my second channel is ladylunafication2 and I use it for beauty and style related topics. Fun stuff! :D I'm thinking I'll be able to get a new second channel video up every Wednesday. No promises yet because I am looking into a job in a new location and possibly moving soon, so I have no idea what days I'll have free to make videos. But for now, I'll still have a main channel video up every single Friday! :D

Then there's the issue of my vlog channel, ladylunavlogs. It's dead. Poke it with a stick, nothing happens. I really need to give it some shock therapy. I would love to turn it into something like the OnisionSpeaks channel if any of you have seen that. Onision really made that into a fun vlogging experience for both himself and the viewers. The fact that he does it every day impresses me as well. I think I'd like to do something like that; possibly post a vlog on every weekday or something along those lines. It'd be fun! I feel like if I had a space where I could openly talk about deeper topics we'd all get to know each other better! I love viewer-to-vlogger bonding. It gives me warm tinglies. :)

Okay, and here's the real kicker... and stop me if you think this would be a flop... but maybe in the far off future, Lady Lime could get her own channel? Now don't freak out! LOL. I'd still definitely keep her around on my main channel for the occasional crazy "makeup tutorial" and "Lime Time" episodes, but what if she had a vlog channel of her own where she showed you the deeper (and much crazier) side of Lime? LOL. Since I got to meet Miranda Sings last week, I've been completely OBSESSING over her mirandavlogz videos. Seriously, check them out, this girl is HILARIOUS! LOL. Obviously Lady Lime would never copy Miranda because, after all, their characters are similar but still COMPLETELY different. (Although I can see them becoming BFFs if they ever had the chance. Miranda? Possible collaboration? LOL I wish!) Those vlogs most likely wouldn't be every day. Probably one day per week. After all, Lime is still just a high school girl, not to mention she's super popular and it takes a lot of work to get your hair and makeup as perfect as she does. Just sayin'. (She paid me to say that. ;D)

Some of you may have been wondering why I always promise to make my "Ask Luna" episodes on the first saturday of every month when really I just make them sporadically. The truth is, I've been so busy with life in general that I got lazy with my video scheduling. Sorry guys! But it's something I'm definitely working to fix. I know most of you subscribed for the music and sketches and I REALLY want to get back to sketches again! I'll keep doing music of course, but the sketches always turn out to be the videos I'm the most proud of. :) If you have any requests of suggestions for other videos, please let me know!

Okay, I think that about covers it all! Thanks for reading my long spewing of words. Onision and Miranda, thanks so much for inspiring me! Love you!!! G'nite everyone and Happy 4th of July!! :D

~Love Luna <3

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