Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting to know my BFFs! :D

Hi guys! So I realize there are many of you who are new subscribers to my YouTube channel and I want to first of all say THANK YOU!! I won't let you down and I LOVE YOU!! <3

Since many of you are new to my craziness, I thought I'd give you a little more background on just who I am, or more specifically today, some more details about the various friends I have guest-starring in my videos from time to time. Who are these awesome people? How did I meet them? Why are they in my videos? Why do we all have funny nicknames beginning with "Lady" or "Lord?" Well, stick around because I have answers! :D

*Please note, I have several best friends, never just one. The numbering of these friends means nothing and this is in no particular order.

BFF #1: Lady Sunshine

Videos Appearances: 
-"Pet Peeves"
-"Crazy Celebrities"
-"Crazy Girls Sumo Wrestling"
-"Memories of 2010"
-"My Happy Place"

Most Memorable Character Role:
Ke$ha, the girl who says "Don't do drugs. Snort glitter instead!" :D

How We Became Friends:
We met in a church youth group and found out we have a TON of interests in common such as fashion, writing, art, and singing! We hit it off and have been like sisters ever since.

Origin of Nickname:
In high school everyone naturally called her "Sunshine" because of her bright, upbeat personality. The nickname stuck easily because Lady Sunshine effortlessly lights up a room with her smile. :)

Where is She now?
Since we last saw Lady Sunshine, she married the love of her life and is living in another state! Sad, but that doesn't mean she can't still be in more videos when she comes to visit! In fact, she eagerly volunteered! :D Watch for her in future videos!

Official YouTube Channel:

BFF #2: Lady Snowfox

Videos Appearances:
- "Shane Dawson: Your Love is My Drug Spoof"
- "Your Sub is My Drug, Bloopers"
- "Mail Call"
- "Double Rainbow, For Realz!"
- "YouTube Celebrity Photo-shoot"
- "Memories of 2010"
- "Wisdom from Hot Blondes"
- "Hot Blondes Bloopers"
- "Smosh as GIRLS?!"
- "Worst Roommates EVER!"
- "How Girls Control Anger"
- "Lady Snowfox Got Married"
- "Pranking Shane Dawson = End of the World!"

Most Memorable Character Role:
Shay-Shay, the blonde-haired illiterate kleptomaniac.

How We Became Friends:
The story of my friendship with Snowfox is actually kind of hilarious because we became friends twice! We first met when we were really little and our dads used to work together, so we got to have play-dates over at her house. Then her family moved so we didn't get to see each other for several years.
Then when we were in middle school we met each other again at church and didn't remember one another until about two years later!! By then we'd become best friends all over again! Haha. We suppose it was just meant to be. :) A few years ago, Snowfox and I even got to live together as college roommates and it was a BLAST! :D

Origin of Nickname:
"Snowfox" was a name I saw on the back of a t-shirt she had made back in high school. When I asked her why people called her that, the answer was pretty much because it sounded like a cool name a ninja would probably have. And trust me, this girl is SO ninja at heart. LOL!

Where is She Now?
Lady Snowfox is now also happily married and living far away! However, she and Lady Sunshine get to see each other often and hopefully Snowfox will also get to visit and be in future videos! :)

Official YouTube Channel:

BFF #3: Lord Lemming

Video Appearances:
-"Shane Dawson: Your Love is My Drug Spoof"
- "Your Sub is My Drug, Bloopers"
- "Lady Luna Performing 'StoryBook Ending.'"

Most Memorable Character Role:
Bubba, the dude with the mullet.

How We Became Friends:
I actually met Lemming through my friend Lady Snowfox back in high school. Lemming even played the guitar accompaniment for the song I wrote for Lady Snowfox at her wedding reception! :)

Origin of Nickname:
Ever since we first met I've always known to call him "Lemming." In fact it took me forever to find out what his real name even was because I didn't even think to ask, haha. (Though I won't say what it is here. ;D)

Where is He Now?
Lord Lemming is currently a college student, still living close to my area. So hopefully he'll be in future videos!... Right Lemming?... LOL. :P

Official YouTube Channel:

BFF #4: Lady Junebug

Video Appearances:
-"Moosh Army Will Dominate"
-"Lady Lime Gets a Best Friend"
-"Lime's Sleepover, Outtakes!"
- "Your MOM Follows Me on Twitter"
- "A Very Lunar Christmas Special"
- "Pranking Shane Dawson=End of the World?!"
- "MY TWIN?! Fro-Yo Parking"

Most Memorable Character Role:
Mimi, Lady Lime's slightly smarter best friend.

How We Became Friends:
Junebug and I became friends way back in the fifth grade. At our elementary school it was required for 5th graders to take swimming lessons as part of our Physical Education, so since we were both horrible swimmers, we got put in a group together with all the other kids who needed some "guidance." LOL. Since then, we've been inseparable. At one point we were even roommates and it was AWESOME!! :D Talk about a sleepover EVERY NIGHT! Haha.

Origin of Nickname:
"Junebug" is a nickname that was actually given to her when she was a kid by her mom! :D So cute.

Where is She Now?
Lady Junebug recently found a place of her own and is working full-time while also thinking of taking some college courses. It's pretty safe to say you will see her again in videos to come. :D

Official YouTube Channel:

So there you have it! These aren't all my BFFs, but they are the main friends I had star in my videos. Any other friends you may have seen were old roommates and classmates that were super good sports and volunteered to be in my vids! :)

Oh and one more thing! The reason why I refer to everyone as "Lady" or "Lord" is because I'm one of those people that considers everyone to be royalty at heart. Though not everyone may behave like it, every girl is a princess and every man is a prince! At least, in my world. Haha. So there you go!

Thanks so much for reading, my womderful Luna-tics. Be sure and subscribe to my friends' YouTube channels! Some may not have updated their videos in a while, but I'm working on convincing them to make more, hehe. ;) Lady Junebug's channel is brand new, so there's no videos yet. But soon, I hope! LOL.

Happy Independence Day to all my friends in the USA! :D

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