Friday, March 23, 2012


Hi guys. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while. When work in the real world picks up, videos and blog posts seem to go down in supply, LOL. But more is coming, I promise. <3
Anyway, I was impressed to address some unfortunate YouTube drama going on between two very talented video personalities. I don't think it's necessary for me to mention who they are because it's my personal belief that helping someone maintain his or her dignity is honorable and should be greatly valued.
Both of these guys have been friends for a long time and have been in countless videos, collaborating between each other's channels. One of the guys has really been worrying his fans off and on, it seems, because (and this is just from my own viewpoint) he has a very difficult time keeping his private life private, and because of that, we've seen many of his best friendships and even relationships fail before the camera.
Both of these young men are talented, driven, and hilarious! It's so sad to see yet another friendship be destroyed because of something as fleeting as a video. No one will remember it after its 15 minutes of fame. Friendship is forever!! I've noticed that one of the guys in this friendship conflict seems to run to his camera every time something goes wrong. Almost as if he relies on public attention/ approval in order to move on or cope. I want to let you all know from some personal experience I've had myself; THIS IS DANGEROUS!!!
Seeking fame over friends... running to fans instead of running to a compromise... showing off for the camera instead of respecting the friendship you once had... it's all wrong and backwards in my mind.
There was a time some of you may remember (hopefully not LOL) when I ran to the camera to solve my problems. I was furious at one of my professors because she kicked me out of class for something I didn't do. I turned on the camera, I ranted, I cried, and I exposed some very private information about something else very hard that I was going through at the time. I thought the video would give me justice. People would see it and I'd finally have something to hold over the professor who did me wrong. Or so I thought.  Yet, the guilt consumed me and after a while I took the video down. I was actually overjoyed that not many people had seen it, and even embarrassed about the views it had gotten. That wasn't me. It turns out my professor had been going through some pretty rough things in her own life, and my heart was softened later on.
Recently I went through a HUGE trial of friendship with one of my best friends. I won't say which one, but you have probably seen her in my videos before. I really had to decide whether or not my own pride was more important than us staying friends. But then, I started to think of how we've been friends since 5TH GRADE! What my friend did wasn't so bad that I really had to END it all, so I finally called her back, she apologized profusely, and we are back to normal, as if nothing ever happened.
No friendship or conflict is the same, so I shouldn't judge these young men deciding to end their long friendship over one telling the other to remove a video of them from YouTube. However, this situation has happened to me before with yet another of my best friends, but I actually didn't take it NEARLY as hard! I thought it was a stupid thing to get mad about. That friend has been there for me, through SO much of my life and to end it over a technological illusion is the stupidest thing I could think of. I chose to forgive her, kindly tell her how I feel, and MOVE ON.

My whole point in this is that one day, all you'll have left is your friends and loved ones by your side. When people die, they want someone there to hold their hand, tell them they are loved and bid them goodbye. Please choose friendship over attention. Please choose friendship over pride. Falling into this whole "fame is my dream" thing is the most dangerous thing we can do, especially in relationships. Having one million fans is nowhere near the satisfaction of having one good friend; even if that friend is imperfect and messes up. Guess what? YOU MESS UP TOO. You're both imperfect. There are bigger things going on in this world. If you want to worry, worry about the people losing their loved ones to war and disease. STOP FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER. And when you do have a disagreement, be respectful and keep it just between you and the other person. The internet can keep one stupid thought going on and on and on forever.

Okay, that's all I have so say on my soap box tonight, LOL. Love yourselves and each other. Goodnight my little Lunatics. ;) <3