Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SOOO, some MORE exciting news!! :D As a lot of you know already, Shane Dawson is currently using my outro song at the end of his daily YouTube vlogs, which is AMAZING!! Well, NOW I've gotten into contact with his friend Bree Essrig, another HUGE YouTube personality, and she wanted a theme song from me that she will use in her videos! So you heard it here first: this is my original theme song for Bree Essrig! :D

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favorite Fictional HEROS! :D

I've been doing a lot of blabbering about my favorite TV and film villains lately, so I thought I'd go on the other side of the fence and show a few of my favorite story heros! None one of these characters are anything like the cookie cutter, froofy, goody-two-shoes characters we often see in kids' movies. They are all very well-developed in personality, believable, easily relatable, brave, and perfectly imperfect. Check em out!

Seven of Nine- "Star Trek, Voyager"

Elphaba- "Wicked"

Peter Pan- "Peter Pan" (2003)

Satine- "Moulin Rouge!"

Jack Skellington- "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Tracy Turnblad- "Hairspray"

Steve Urkel- "Family Matters"

Rapunzel- "Tangled"

Captain Jack Sparrow- "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Sarah- "Labyrinth"

Sara- "A Little Princess"

Fran Fine- "The Nanny"

Peter Parker- "Spiderman"

Carmen and Juni Cortez- "Spy Kids"

Robin- "Robin Hood, Men in Tights"

Cinderella and Fairy Godmother- "Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella"

Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh- "Pretty Little Liars"

Mick St. John- "Moonlight"

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona- "Scott Pilgrim vs the World"

Lina- "City of Ember"

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Favorite Villains of All Time!

In my previous post I defended the villains of the popular TV show, "Once Upon a Time." Specifically, the Evil Queen Regina, or Snow White's wicked stepmother. I mentioned that villains are in many ways MUCH more fun and interesting than the heros of our favorite stories because they are more developed in character. A dark past may allow evil to grow, but it also creates complexity in personality, which mimics real life quite a bit. We all have both a hero side and a villain side to us. Life us all about resisting evil and choosing good, of course, but the fact that life's challenges makes us imperfect gives us each the relatable, intriguing, and even exciting qualities that even the most wicked villains have in common. Do I find that scary? No. On the contrary, I find it comforting. Realizing that we are imperfect is a great relief, and knowing how to overcome our challenges and choose good in the end is something the villain usually doesn't choose, yet part of us deep down is always rooting for them anyway. Good still wins, but not without our agency. :)

So here is a list of my favorite film and TV villains of all time! I mean come on, try imagining your favorite stories without these awesome characters! :D

Evil Queen (Regina)- "Snow White" and "Once Upon a Time"

Rumplestiltskin- "Once Upon a Time" (and also the classic fairytale)

Winifred Sanderson- "Hocus Pocus"

Frank N. Furter- "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

The Grand High Witch- "The Witches"

The Borg Queen- "Star Trek, Voyager"

Cruella Deville- "101 Dalmatians"

Mother Gothel- "Tangled"

Regina George- "Mean Girls"

Captain James Hook- "Peter Pan" (2003)

Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett- "Sweeney Todd"

Velma Kelly- "Chicago"

Allison (Alli) De Laurentiis- "Pretty Little Liars"

Jareth the Goblin King- "Labyrinth"

Maleficent- "Sleeping Beauty" and "Once Upon a Time"

The Duke- "Moulin Rouge!"

Lamia- "Stardust"

The White Witch- "The Chronicles of Narnia"

Queen Narissa- "Enchanted"

The Snow Queen- "Snow Queen" (2002)

The (Unnamed) Witch- "The Polar Bear King"

Ursula- "The Little Mermaid"

Miss Hannigan- "Annie"

The Queen of Hearts- "Alice in Wonderland"

Wicked Stepmother- "Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella"

Erik- "The Phantom of the Opera"