Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Current Obsession!

Recently I've really been getting into the new TV show called "Once Upon a Time." If you haven't seen it, get on hulu right now and CATCH UP! Haha.
Not only do I LOVE fairytales, but this show offers its viewers something that a lot of other series and sagas seem to be missing: heros that can actually compete with the villains!
What I mean by this is that, well, let's face it, villains ALWAYS seem way more interesting than the hero of the story. They have a dark past so they are much more emotionally and mentally developed, as opposed to most story heros who just seem to be good for the sake of "being good."
The evil queen Regina (Snow White's wicked step mother) is now my favorite character EVER. First of all, actress Lana Parrilla plays her character BEAUTIFULLY. She can even do an entire scene without any lines, but basically say an entire monologue just with her eyes. WOW. As for the queen character herself, though she's ultimately evil (even killed her own father!) there's a lot about her character that is unavoidably admirable. I mean, she NEVER gives up. EVER! If someone gets in her way, she always has something up her sleeve. She only shows slight fear in the scenes where she's truly alone. She is GORGEOUS too and carries herself with pride (which, let's face it, looks a LOT like confidence).
LOL I'm not saying it's alright to be evil or that we should look up to evil characters. But this whole experience has opened my eyes to something. We love villains because they represent us better than the heros. We all have something to hide, we all are imperfect, and we all wish we could have more power than we do now. We aren't evil; just imperfect.
Now, onto my point about the difference in the heros of "Once Upon a Time." These heros are actually easy to root for. The main character, Emma, was a teen mother, gave up her kid for adoption, and has definitely done things she's not proud of. Yet, she doesn't sink into herself when people like Regina get in her way. She spits it right back in Regina's face and fights for what she knows is right. She even broke into her house without hesitation, alarm and all, LOL. (That was awesome)
The other characters such as Snow White also seem perfect and innocent at first glance. But then you learn that snow once rode with the bandits and stole from the rich. Not to mention she essentially stole the prince away from the same girl twice! LOL. And yet, she's a totally noble and humble person on the inside.

So why do we need evil people in stories? Obviously to eventually remind ourselves that being good is the right choice. But it's at least comforting to know that there are others, even in storybooks who are imperfect, and with just a little love, even they could be transformed.

Anyway, hope you all are doing well. Love ya!

~Lady Luna

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