Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saturday Night Liars

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting in a while. Been SO busy. I know, lame excuses, let's stick to the subject! LOL

So I was compelled to write a post tonight because I just finished watching the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live. One of my favorite shows, and may I just say that guest host Daniel Radcliffe was AMAZING!! Okay, aside from all that, though most of my posts are positive on this blog, I feel the need to take a little detour for a second. I'm a little peeved at one of the sketches in this episode for several reasons. So peeved that I was literally spouting off colorful language at the screen (and that's just weird because I was all alone in my room while watching it, LOL). It takes a lot of personal offense for words to fly out of my mouth like that (which trust me, you will NEVER hear me do in person).
The sketch I'm referring to was the one entitled "You Can Do Anything," and it starred Daniel Radcliffe along with other SNL regulars such as Vanessa Bayer playing a mock-TV show host. The actors were great, I mean when Daniel Radcliffe started to river-dance I was completely LOSING it with laughter. (Which is also weird because once again, I was all alone, LOL). Anyway, the sketch basically went as follows:

-Two over-the-top TV show hosts introduce their faux talk show: "You Can Do Anything."
-They explain that the show features guests from the internet (And they specifically targeted YouTube)
who are internet celebrities but are completely untalented and uninteresting.
-Three phony guests appear on the show. The first was a man who claimed he had a popular website where people could watch him juggle. The only problem was, he had never juggled in his life, but took pride in his ability to throw juggling pins in the air and get hit with them. He is praised by the hosts, their comments DRIPPING with overly obvious satire, "That's right, 'cause you can do anything!"
- The next two guests are not very different from the first. One is a Twitter celebrity with no life, the other (played by Radcliffe) is a YouTuber who only has 1000 views on a video but believes everyone should know who he is and what he does; which is drawing pictures while river dancing... badly.
- The hosts do exactly what anyone would expect which is mention that people on the internet these days are really just useless people who chose internet fame over a "respectable" job such as being a doctor or lawyer, etc.

Okay. Yes, parts of this ARE very funny. And I'd never really diss SNL because as I said, I LOVE it. But what about those of us who are really working hard to make something of themselves on the internet? Do these TV writers not see the HUGE new job market for bloggers, videographers, and so on? Everyone has to start somewhere. I know of so many YouTubers who are seriously making it BIG. Totally Sketch has his new movie coming out soon called "Smiley," and it even stars several other YouTubers, boosting THEIR success as well. Even those who are not in the movie industry have at least appeared on television once, such as Shaycarl, LisaNova, etc. Lest we forget how worldwide superstar JUSTIN BEIBER got his start? Mmm hmm, that's what I thought. LOL

So anyway, I don't mean to bring the haterade, but to the SNL writers; COME ON GUYS!!! I understand that a lot of people in showbusiness get worked up when they see that regular people can become famous now, but it's certainly not for nothing and it's CERTAINLY not done just by themselves. The YouTubers I know, whether popular or just starting out, they all have one thing in common. They have something great to offer the world. People subscribe to them because they ARE talented. Sure, there are the idiots out there who make one viral video because they happened to be holding a camera at a funny moment, but those are not the people who end up making careers. Those people don't truly EARN their recognition. True YouTubers DO. The YouTube community is so close to being like one big family that sometimes I forget that it's really not. But it serves as one just the same. I'll never stop moving toward my dreams because I want to inspire people to reach theirs. Perhaps the SNL writers should think on that sometime.

Thanks guys. Remember that you are created for a purpose that is no one else's, and you can be successful in ways you never knew existed. Just believe, and DO. Goodnight everybody. <3

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