Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is Natural Makeup Really Better?

Hi Everyone! Well, I made it almost a full week making my YouTube videos exactly when I promised! Maybe keeping up my new schedule is actually going to work this time! Haha, just kidding, I won't let you guys down. It's really fun and I can't wait to do more!

As most of you know by now, I've started my beauty channel back up and have completely fallen back in love with makeup, hair, and all that glittery goodness. I took a long time getting back into it, I realize, but only because I was trying to keep up with 2 jobs for a while. But now, that's not the case, so I have some more time on my hands for YOU! :D

I was watching several of my old videos yesterday because I was pinning them all to different category boards on my Pinterest. (Check it out if you haven't seen it. SO organized and easy to watch them all now!) While watching my older beauty videos I realized that my beauty routine and cosmetic preferences have changed DRASTICALLY over the past two years. WOW. I've been switching over to much more natural methods of "beautification" that I LOVE so much more than the cheap store-bought brands of makeup and cosmetics. I love my homemade mascara, I love the endless rainbow of colors mica powders have to offer, and I love the versatility of using natural-as-mud types of products. Usually if you can use vinegar (for instance) as one thing, you can use it as five other things too; equally as handy. SAVES SO MUCH MONEY!!

So to answer the question in my title of this post; YES, natural products really can be better, just as long as you do your research and are willing to try something new! :)

I can't wait to make more videos for you guys. Let me know of any beauty questions you have that I can answer in a video, or any natural beauty recipes for which you'd like me to make a tutorial. Until then, be happy and smile. Your smile is the most beautiful thing you can put on.  Love you all!!! <3

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting to know my BFFs! :D

Hi guys! So I realize there are many of you who are new subscribers to my YouTube channel and I want to first of all say THANK YOU!! I won't let you down and I LOVE YOU!! <3

Since many of you are new to my craziness, I thought I'd give you a little more background on just who I am, or more specifically today, some more details about the various friends I have guest-starring in my videos from time to time. Who are these awesome people? How did I meet them? Why are they in my videos? Why do we all have funny nicknames beginning with "Lady" or "Lord?" Well, stick around because I have answers! :D

*Please note, I have several best friends, never just one. The numbering of these friends means nothing and this is in no particular order.

BFF #1: Lady Sunshine

Videos Appearances: 
-"Pet Peeves"
-"Crazy Celebrities"
-"Crazy Girls Sumo Wrestling"
-"Memories of 2010"
-"My Happy Place"

Most Memorable Character Role:
Ke$ha, the girl who says "Don't do drugs. Snort glitter instead!" :D

How We Became Friends:
We met in a church youth group and found out we have a TON of interests in common such as fashion, writing, art, and singing! We hit it off and have been like sisters ever since.

Origin of Nickname:
In high school everyone naturally called her "Sunshine" because of her bright, upbeat personality. The nickname stuck easily because Lady Sunshine effortlessly lights up a room with her smile. :)

Where is She now?
Since we last saw Lady Sunshine, she married the love of her life and is living in another state! Sad, but that doesn't mean she can't still be in more videos when she comes to visit! In fact, she eagerly volunteered! :D Watch for her in future videos!

Official YouTube Channel:

BFF #2: Lady Snowfox

Videos Appearances:
- "Shane Dawson: Your Love is My Drug Spoof"
- "Your Sub is My Drug, Bloopers"
- "Mail Call"
- "Double Rainbow, For Realz!"
- "YouTube Celebrity Photo-shoot"
- "Memories of 2010"
- "Wisdom from Hot Blondes"
- "Hot Blondes Bloopers"
- "Smosh as GIRLS?!"
- "Worst Roommates EVER!"
- "How Girls Control Anger"
- "Lady Snowfox Got Married"
- "Pranking Shane Dawson = End of the World!"

Most Memorable Character Role:
Shay-Shay, the blonde-haired illiterate kleptomaniac.

How We Became Friends:
The story of my friendship with Snowfox is actually kind of hilarious because we became friends twice! We first met when we were really little and our dads used to work together, so we got to have play-dates over at her house. Then her family moved so we didn't get to see each other for several years.
Then when we were in middle school we met each other again at church and didn't remember one another until about two years later!! By then we'd become best friends all over again! Haha. We suppose it was just meant to be. :) A few years ago, Snowfox and I even got to live together as college roommates and it was a BLAST! :D

Origin of Nickname:
"Snowfox" was a name I saw on the back of a t-shirt she had made back in high school. When I asked her why people called her that, the answer was pretty much because it sounded like a cool name a ninja would probably have. And trust me, this girl is SO ninja at heart. LOL!

Where is She Now?
Lady Snowfox is now also happily married and living far away! However, she and Lady Sunshine get to see each other often and hopefully Snowfox will also get to visit and be in future videos! :)

Official YouTube Channel:

BFF #3: Lord Lemming

Video Appearances:
-"Shane Dawson: Your Love is My Drug Spoof"
- "Your Sub is My Drug, Bloopers"
- "Lady Luna Performing 'StoryBook Ending.'"

Most Memorable Character Role:
Bubba, the dude with the mullet.

How We Became Friends:
I actually met Lemming through my friend Lady Snowfox back in high school. Lemming even played the guitar accompaniment for the song I wrote for Lady Snowfox at her wedding reception! :)

Origin of Nickname:
Ever since we first met I've always known to call him "Lemming." In fact it took me forever to find out what his real name even was because I didn't even think to ask, haha. (Though I won't say what it is here. ;D)

Where is He Now?
Lord Lemming is currently a college student, still living close to my area. So hopefully he'll be in future videos!... Right Lemming?... LOL. :P

Official YouTube Channel:

BFF #4: Lady Junebug

Video Appearances:
-"Moosh Army Will Dominate"
-"Lady Lime Gets a Best Friend"
-"Lime's Sleepover, Outtakes!"
- "Your MOM Follows Me on Twitter"
- "A Very Lunar Christmas Special"
- "Pranking Shane Dawson=End of the World?!"
- "MY TWIN?! Fro-Yo Parking"

Most Memorable Character Role:
Mimi, Lady Lime's slightly smarter best friend.

How We Became Friends:
Junebug and I became friends way back in the fifth grade. At our elementary school it was required for 5th graders to take swimming lessons as part of our Physical Education, so since we were both horrible swimmers, we got put in a group together with all the other kids who needed some "guidance." LOL. Since then, we've been inseparable. At one point we were even roommates and it was AWESOME!! :D Talk about a sleepover EVERY NIGHT! Haha.

Origin of Nickname:
"Junebug" is a nickname that was actually given to her when she was a kid by her mom! :D So cute.

Where is She Now?
Lady Junebug recently found a place of her own and is working full-time while also thinking of taking some college courses. It's pretty safe to say you will see her again in videos to come. :D

Official YouTube Channel:

So there you have it! These aren't all my BFFs, but they are the main friends I had star in my videos. Any other friends you may have seen were old roommates and classmates that were super good sports and volunteered to be in my vids! :)

Oh and one more thing! The reason why I refer to everyone as "Lady" or "Lord" is because I'm one of those people that considers everyone to be royalty at heart. Though not everyone may behave like it, every girl is a princess and every man is a prince! At least, in my world. Haha. So there you go!

Thanks so much for reading, my womderful Luna-tics. Be sure and subscribe to my friends' YouTube channels! Some may not have updated their videos in a while, but I'm working on convincing them to make more, hehe. ;) Lady Junebug's channel is brand new, so there's no videos yet. But soon, I hope! LOL.

Happy Independence Day to all my friends in the USA! :D

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Wazzup Luna-tics?! So it's nearly 2:00 a.m. and I have SOOO many ideas floating in my head for future YouTube stuff! I could really use some feedback, so if any of these ramblings sound like something you want to see me put on YouTube, let me know ASAP! LOL

Kay, so obviously I want to bring my second channel back to life. It kind of went into a coma, LOL. For those of you who don't know, my second channel is ladylunafication2 and I use it for beauty and style related topics. Fun stuff! :D I'm thinking I'll be able to get a new second channel video up every Wednesday. No promises yet because I am looking into a job in a new location and possibly moving soon, so I have no idea what days I'll have free to make videos. But for now, I'll still have a main channel video up every single Friday! :D

Then there's the issue of my vlog channel, ladylunavlogs. It's dead. Poke it with a stick, nothing happens. I really need to give it some shock therapy. I would love to turn it into something like the OnisionSpeaks channel if any of you have seen that. Onision really made that into a fun vlogging experience for both himself and the viewers. The fact that he does it every day impresses me as well. I think I'd like to do something like that; possibly post a vlog on every weekday or something along those lines. It'd be fun! I feel like if I had a space where I could openly talk about deeper topics we'd all get to know each other better! I love viewer-to-vlogger bonding. It gives me warm tinglies. :)

Okay, and here's the real kicker... and stop me if you think this would be a flop... but maybe in the far off future, Lady Lime could get her own channel? Now don't freak out! LOL. I'd still definitely keep her around on my main channel for the occasional crazy "makeup tutorial" and "Lime Time" episodes, but what if she had a vlog channel of her own where she showed you the deeper (and much crazier) side of Lime? LOL. Since I got to meet Miranda Sings last week, I've been completely OBSESSING over her mirandavlogz videos. Seriously, check them out, this girl is HILARIOUS! LOL. Obviously Lady Lime would never copy Miranda because, after all, their characters are similar but still COMPLETELY different. (Although I can see them becoming BFFs if they ever had the chance. Miranda? Possible collaboration? LOL I wish!) Those vlogs most likely wouldn't be every day. Probably one day per week. After all, Lime is still just a high school girl, not to mention she's super popular and it takes a lot of work to get your hair and makeup as perfect as she does. Just sayin'. (She paid me to say that. ;D)

Some of you may have been wondering why I always promise to make my "Ask Luna" episodes on the first saturday of every month when really I just make them sporadically. The truth is, I've been so busy with life in general that I got lazy with my video scheduling. Sorry guys! But it's something I'm definitely working to fix. I know most of you subscribed for the music and sketches and I REALLY want to get back to sketches again! I'll keep doing music of course, but the sketches always turn out to be the videos I'm the most proud of. :) If you have any requests of suggestions for other videos, please let me know!

Okay, I think that about covers it all! Thanks for reading my long spewing of words. Onision and Miranda, thanks so much for inspiring me! Love you!!! G'nite everyone and Happy 4th of July!! :D

~Love Luna <3

Monday, April 30, 2012

OUAT and My Face

I love watching "Once Upon a Time" with friends or family because throughout the whole show we're like this:

And then when the show ends we're all like this...

Friday, March 23, 2012


Hi guys. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while. When work in the real world picks up, videos and blog posts seem to go down in supply, LOL. But more is coming, I promise. <3
Anyway, I was impressed to address some unfortunate YouTube drama going on between two very talented video personalities. I don't think it's necessary for me to mention who they are because it's my personal belief that helping someone maintain his or her dignity is honorable and should be greatly valued.
Both of these guys have been friends for a long time and have been in countless videos, collaborating between each other's channels. One of the guys has really been worrying his fans off and on, it seems, because (and this is just from my own viewpoint) he has a very difficult time keeping his private life private, and because of that, we've seen many of his best friendships and even relationships fail before the camera.
Both of these young men are talented, driven, and hilarious! It's so sad to see yet another friendship be destroyed because of something as fleeting as a video. No one will remember it after its 15 minutes of fame. Friendship is forever!! I've noticed that one of the guys in this friendship conflict seems to run to his camera every time something goes wrong. Almost as if he relies on public attention/ approval in order to move on or cope. I want to let you all know from some personal experience I've had myself; THIS IS DANGEROUS!!!
Seeking fame over friends... running to fans instead of running to a compromise... showing off for the camera instead of respecting the friendship you once had... it's all wrong and backwards in my mind.
There was a time some of you may remember (hopefully not LOL) when I ran to the camera to solve my problems. I was furious at one of my professors because she kicked me out of class for something I didn't do. I turned on the camera, I ranted, I cried, and I exposed some very private information about something else very hard that I was going through at the time. I thought the video would give me justice. People would see it and I'd finally have something to hold over the professor who did me wrong. Or so I thought.  Yet, the guilt consumed me and after a while I took the video down. I was actually overjoyed that not many people had seen it, and even embarrassed about the views it had gotten. That wasn't me. It turns out my professor had been going through some pretty rough things in her own life, and my heart was softened later on.
Recently I went through a HUGE trial of friendship with one of my best friends. I won't say which one, but you have probably seen her in my videos before. I really had to decide whether or not my own pride was more important than us staying friends. But then, I started to think of how we've been friends since 5TH GRADE! What my friend did wasn't so bad that I really had to END it all, so I finally called her back, she apologized profusely, and we are back to normal, as if nothing ever happened.
No friendship or conflict is the same, so I shouldn't judge these young men deciding to end their long friendship over one telling the other to remove a video of them from YouTube. However, this situation has happened to me before with yet another of my best friends, but I actually didn't take it NEARLY as hard! I thought it was a stupid thing to get mad about. That friend has been there for me, through SO much of my life and to end it over a technological illusion is the stupidest thing I could think of. I chose to forgive her, kindly tell her how I feel, and MOVE ON.

My whole point in this is that one day, all you'll have left is your friends and loved ones by your side. When people die, they want someone there to hold their hand, tell them they are loved and bid them goodbye. Please choose friendship over attention. Please choose friendship over pride. Falling into this whole "fame is my dream" thing is the most dangerous thing we can do, especially in relationships. Having one million fans is nowhere near the satisfaction of having one good friend; even if that friend is imperfect and messes up. Guess what? YOU MESS UP TOO. You're both imperfect. There are bigger things going on in this world. If you want to worry, worry about the people losing their loved ones to war and disease. STOP FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER. And when you do have a disagreement, be respectful and keep it just between you and the other person. The internet can keep one stupid thought going on and on and on forever.

Okay, that's all I have so say on my soap box tonight, LOL. Love yourselves and each other. Goodnight my little Lunatics. ;) <3

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SOOO, some MORE exciting news!! :D As a lot of you know already, Shane Dawson is currently using my outro song at the end of his daily YouTube vlogs, which is AMAZING!! Well, NOW I've gotten into contact with his friend Bree Essrig, another HUGE YouTube personality, and she wanted a theme song from me that she will use in her videos! So you heard it here first: this is my original theme song for Bree Essrig! :D

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Favorite Fictional HEROS! :D

I've been doing a lot of blabbering about my favorite TV and film villains lately, so I thought I'd go on the other side of the fence and show a few of my favorite story heros! None one of these characters are anything like the cookie cutter, froofy, goody-two-shoes characters we often see in kids' movies. They are all very well-developed in personality, believable, easily relatable, brave, and perfectly imperfect. Check em out!

Seven of Nine- "Star Trek, Voyager"

Elphaba- "Wicked"

Peter Pan- "Peter Pan" (2003)

Satine- "Moulin Rouge!"

Jack Skellington- "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Tracy Turnblad- "Hairspray"

Steve Urkel- "Family Matters"

Rapunzel- "Tangled"

Captain Jack Sparrow- "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Sarah- "Labyrinth"

Sara- "A Little Princess"

Fran Fine- "The Nanny"

Peter Parker- "Spiderman"

Carmen and Juni Cortez- "Spy Kids"

Robin- "Robin Hood, Men in Tights"

Cinderella and Fairy Godmother- "Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella"

Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh- "Pretty Little Liars"

Mick St. John- "Moonlight"

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona- "Scott Pilgrim vs the World"

Lina- "City of Ember"

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Favorite Villains of All Time!

In my previous post I defended the villains of the popular TV show, "Once Upon a Time." Specifically, the Evil Queen Regina, or Snow White's wicked stepmother. I mentioned that villains are in many ways MUCH more fun and interesting than the heros of our favorite stories because they are more developed in character. A dark past may allow evil to grow, but it also creates complexity in personality, which mimics real life quite a bit. We all have both a hero side and a villain side to us. Life us all about resisting evil and choosing good, of course, but the fact that life's challenges makes us imperfect gives us each the relatable, intriguing, and even exciting qualities that even the most wicked villains have in common. Do I find that scary? No. On the contrary, I find it comforting. Realizing that we are imperfect is a great relief, and knowing how to overcome our challenges and choose good in the end is something the villain usually doesn't choose, yet part of us deep down is always rooting for them anyway. Good still wins, but not without our agency. :)

So here is a list of my favorite film and TV villains of all time! I mean come on, try imagining your favorite stories without these awesome characters! :D

Evil Queen (Regina)- "Snow White" and "Once Upon a Time"

Rumplestiltskin- "Once Upon a Time" (and also the classic fairytale)

Winifred Sanderson- "Hocus Pocus"

Frank N. Furter- "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

The Grand High Witch- "The Witches"

The Borg Queen- "Star Trek, Voyager"

Cruella Deville- "101 Dalmatians"

Mother Gothel- "Tangled"

Regina George- "Mean Girls"

Captain James Hook- "Peter Pan" (2003)

Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett- "Sweeney Todd"

Velma Kelly- "Chicago"

Allison (Alli) De Laurentiis- "Pretty Little Liars"

Jareth the Goblin King- "Labyrinth"

Maleficent- "Sleeping Beauty" and "Once Upon a Time"

The Duke- "Moulin Rouge!"

Lamia- "Stardust"

The White Witch- "The Chronicles of Narnia"

Queen Narissa- "Enchanted"

The Snow Queen- "Snow Queen" (2002)

The (Unnamed) Witch- "The Polar Bear King"

Ursula- "The Little Mermaid"

Miss Hannigan- "Annie"

The Queen of Hearts- "Alice in Wonderland"

Wicked Stepmother- "Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella"

Erik- "The Phantom of the Opera"