Saturday, December 17, 2011


December 9th, 2011
Hi everyone! So I’ve been meaning to announce something that a lot of you may think is pretty weird, haha. But bear with me. I’ve really been trying to look for a healthier path in my life in terms of food and exercise. I’ve already joined a gym and, so long as I go often enough, it works pretty well for me. However, I’ve noticed a lot of weight gain since I came home from college. I started to get worried because my family on both my mom and dad’s side has a history of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Yikes! And weight gain is almost like a direct path toward those things.
Now please understand, I love myself the way I am. I don’t think I’m ugly and I don’t want to change myself to please others. I just need to get healthy, and to do that I MUST get my weight in check.
I’ve done a TON of research. Like, you have no idea, LOL. I thought I knew what a healthy diet was, but found out I could be doing much, MUCH better. What I’m trying to say is that as soon as I’m able, I am going to become vegan.
Veganism has the best health benefits I’ve ever seen! Plus, I’m already lactose intolorant so that cuts out milk anyway, haha. Everything our bodies need, even calcium, protein, carbohydrates and so on are all available to us in a plant-based diet. And I would never preach about it or try and convince anyone else that they HAVE to go vegan, LOL. It’s just something I’ve grown to feel strongly about and once I’m living on my own and buying my own groceries, I can’t wait to jump into it and become the best version of ME! :)
Oh, and yes, this does partially have to do with the fact that I’ve always loved animals and the idea of killing and eating them just seems ridiculous if you look at it simply, haha.
Love you guys, thanks for all your support.


June 20th, 2011
Hi everyone! So I wasn’t sure how to say this but I felt all of you should know since each one of you is an important person in my life. I’ve recently made the choice not to go back to college. Now before you gasp and start thinking of all the horrible things that might happen to me now, let me explain, LOL
First of all, I don’t really consider it quitting because I’ve already started a newer and MUCH better life for myself. I have work now and am still looking for work elsewhere, so that worry is out of the way. The thing is I just wasn’t HAPPY at school. I did my full four years and even though I was fairly close to finishing my credits I finally realized after bearing it all that none of it was what I wanted anymore. All the career paths I’d explored were not wasted, but let me understand later that I wanted something else. I’m SO much happier now and everyone who knows me well has noticed the drastic change in my attitude since I decided to stay in my home town.
I’ve gotten a lot of raised eyebrows and/ or blank expressions when telling people this is my plan now, but I hope I can have the support of all of you. Writing and video-making are still my passions and I’m going to do them no matter what my career turns out to be in the future. I will try and find a job that I like, but hey, even with a degree that’s DIFFICULT to do. No matter who you are, you are not your job. It’s what you do in your spare time that gives your life substance and meaning. I know that now more than ever.
Thank you all, I love you.
~ Luna